We help our clients reduce cost of energy consumption hence we save them from a financial losses

Facilities Management Services - We cover all areas of asset management

Being the leading facilities management companies in Dubai, UAE; We Serve Facilities Management Services is the natural extension of MEP Division and caters to internal and external clients. We cover all areas of asset management including Air-Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Safety Systems and more with our regular inspection, servicing and performance monitoring.

We also help our clients reduce cost of energy consumption hence we save them from a financial losses as well as reduces burden on environment.

We undertake the following activities for Facilities Management in UAE & Abu Dhabi:

  • Facilities Management Services & Hard Maintenance for existing customers as well as external Customers.
  • After providing successful facilities management in UAE & Abu Dhabi, we Ensure customer satisfaction at every stage and offering unique services in every discipline of facility management companies in Dubai.

Facilities Management Company in Dubai UAE

As a top facilities management company in Dubai UAE, Our services cover the gamut, from research and development to sustainable solutions and innovation.
  • Specialized HVAC maintenance team for chiller maintenance.
  • Good VRV Systems maintenance team and large installation-based yields in a number of FM projects.
  • Qualified team for energy monitoring working on energy efficiency and performance improvements of old buildings.
  • Continued focus on skill upgradation & newer technology integration in domain of facility management services in dubai.
Market Drivers / Future Potential
  • Customers preference for Facilities management by a prominent player like Emitech will ensure future growth in this segment for us.
  • Our Technology-driven and innovative facility management approach makes us unique and keeps us in demand.
Certifications & Rewards
  • Trained technicians in Daikin Factory on VRV and Chillers.

The State of Sustainability

Our services cover the gamut, from research and development to sustainability solutions and innovation

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